Skins Redux

Full picture and audio post production on 6 x 60 min final series of the iconic drama. Series 7 of Skins follows past characters, Cassie, Cook and Effy and their journey from adolescence to adulthood.

Episode 1 – Fire:

Sonny Sheridan’s brief was to emphasize Effy’s jump from her adolescent years into the cold hard world of city life. By utilizing glossy, steeley hues, steeped in high contrast, Sheridan was able to highlight the affluent nature of the financial domain. Sheridan pushed the colours and contrast to a heightened level showing the step that Effy has made into a new and unknown world. However, by keeping the skin tones clean, Sheridan was able to underline Effy’s displacement.

The Farm’s Post Producer, Portia Napier, who has managed Skins since the second series, collaborated once again with Company Pictures for the final ever series.

Clyde Kellett onlined in Avid Symphony and Andrew Godwin mixed with Pro Tools.