Sluggish Magazine: The Isolation Issue

  • Andrea Vercetti
  • Lucy Miller
  • Ashleigh Mather

With aspects of escapism, novelistic writing and short story excerpts, The Isolation Issue is bringing you a journal of thoughts and ideas that have been stewing and growing since the first quarantine, invoking real isolation unlike anything many of us have experienced before. We have had nothing to say for so long but minds that are bursting with thoughts and feelings and anxiety that is telling you not to bother sharing. We are here to tell you otherwise. The issue is bringing back the excitement of sharing stories and new writing. We need to come away from the things that fuel us with nothing but anxiety and instead read more, learn more and feel inspired by the creative minds who are sharing the inner workings of their minds with us. Please visit @sluggishmagazine on Instagram if you'd like to purchase a copy.