SmartHomes Web App

  • Santiago Belfort

SmartHomes was an App designed to manipulate and interact with every electric device in anyone's house. The idea behind it was to develop a starting point where people could start taking care of their home's health, not only as in their own apartment or house but as we are all in this planet sharing a cleaner future. "I was asked to somehow deliver the end product as a clean, organic, healthy design where users felt they where easily keeping everyone safe at home but at the same time made them feel that their household was contributing to one of the biggest challenges we all face as humanity at the moment, the global warming" Users through the app could control things such as lights, CCTV Cameras and Alarms, Blinds, TV, A/C, Air cleaner and even a microwave if they wished to. The project, as the Senior Graphic Designer of the company, was to create this easy-going aesthetic menu where users could find all the linked devices they commonly use in their house right in the palm of their hands, not only keeping everyone safe but also keeping a record of every devices battery consumption. This allows people to enter the calculations of how much money they spend monthly in electricity and receive a real time record on how much they'll have to pay by the end of the month. Other features such as how to improve your home's health through clean energy. Find this work and others at /