Some Tips to Help You Cope With Loneliness

Instead of reaching for your phone, here are some things you can do alone to help calm that emotion, and find peace in solitude.

Whoever you are and whatever your lifestyle, I bet that at some point you’ve experienced loneliness. If you haven’t, it’s likely you will in the future. Loneliness is something I’ve witnessed affecting the lives of people I care about as well as something I’ve felt myself, and recent studies indicate that it’s on the rise.

It’s not embarrassing to feel lonely at times. It’s normal. Totally normal.

A study conducted by the BBC last year, found 40% of 16-24 year olds felt lonely ‘often’ or ‘very often’, with categories from every age group coming in at over 30%.

Loneliness is an unpleasant feeling, and one that can be hard to articulate or get to the core of. You can be loved by many people, be surrounded by many people, or be perfectly used to your own company and still get struck by this feeling of isolation. The experience is personal and goes to different depths, but for some can accelerate into a deep physical ache.

Finding a way to reduce this feeling, is important. Not just because it makes you feel better, but also because it allows you to make better choices.

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