Sounds of the Sea - The Fat Duck

For Heston Blumenthal's restaurant The Fat Duck in Bray, we created an immersive, binaural sea-scape to accompany a dish of sashimi and edible tapioca ‘sand’.

The sound is delivered to the table on an iPod hidden inside a conch shell. Guests listen to the sounds on headphones as they eat the dish.

The sound evokes sensorial memories of the seaside, which cross the threshold of consciousness and combine to strengthen the experience and heighten perception. The fish genuinely tastes ‘fishier’ and fresher.

Guests have been overwhelmed by the experience, some being brought to tears at the table. The dish is the signature of the restaurant and has generated exceptional global PR and talkability, as well as countless copycats.

Yoy can listen to a similar soundscape below. If you want to try the cross-modal effects out, get some sashimi and stick your headphones on. Or play it in the background when you next serve fish at a dinner party.

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