• Paterno Zuara Aznar
This collection is based on the SS16 catwalk trends which was made into a commercial handbag collection for ZARA Inditexgroup client. The Stardust handbag was selected by Zara's designers as one of the finalist in this design competition.

Stardust collection has been inspired by the 70’s as an era. This period is one of the main trends for next season. “Ziggy Stardust“ was Davie Bowie’s revolutionary rock band of the 70’s, which had a massive impact on the music, art, and fashion industry at the time and to the present day.

I have named this collection Stardust to his memory, as he passed away last month of January 2016, this handbag has been inspired on his striped costume too.

The idea of this handbag design is to put together the most representative and symbolic fashion items from the 70’s, which are the big sunglasses and the square handbags, both merged into one design.

Those are the two accessories most needed by women during summer time, it would be very handy to have a sunglasses case close to you an be accessible to you, so that, you can use it easily. In order to avoid losing your summery shades, which is a very common thing to happen in our busy lifestyle.