• Carolyn McReynolds McReynolds
Städa is a flat pack, space saving modular product that can be assembled without any tools and has a design focus towards product longevity.
It features many qualities of Scandinavian design offering a simple and natural aesthetic with high levels of functionality.
It is aimed to encourage users to build a stronger attachment to their products to create less furniture waste.
The aim of this product is to help the furniture industry move towards a circular economy, rather than use the ‘take, make, dispose’ approach towards products.
In today’s society 90% of the raw materials used in manufacturing becomes waste before the product even leaves the factory, whilst 80% of products get thrown away within the first six months of their life. (Richard Girling, 2005)
Städa creates minimal waste in manufacturing and is designed to have replaceable parts that are 100% sustainable. This ensures the user has the option to customise or fix the product over its lifetime.