• Phoebe Shannon-Fagan

During the global COVID-19 outbreak and resulting lockdown, Acast created "Staycast". This was a way for us to support podcasters and promote podcasts, while encouraging listeners to stay at home.

For social content, we produced IGTV's, Instagram Stories takeovers and Lives with podcasters.

Featuring talent included:

- GABA (link)
- Owning It: The Anxiety Podcast (link)
- All The Shit I've Learned Abroad (link)
- 90 Day Gays (link)
- Apostrophe Podcasts (link)
- Hacking Happiness from DOSE (link)
- Daily Tech News Show (link)
- Naked Beauty (link)
- The Pleasure Podcast (link)
- Cat and Nat Q&A (link)
- See Jurassic Right (link)
- Loose Units x La Rue Lamarck (link)
- Web Crawlers (link)
- The Smart 7 (link)
- Good Moms, Bad Choices and #MOMTruths (link)
- Super Brain Podcast (link)
- Passport (link)
- MORE and Harry Potter and the Sacred Text (link)
- Ghiblioteque