Stop-Motion Animation: Meet the MOO Dolls - Phil Thomas

  • Georgie Lord
  • Hannah Myatt
  • Andrea Hubert
A short stop-motion animation shot, directed and art directed by me, along with Art Director and Props Maker/Stylist Hannah Myatt for
Commissioned by the Social Media team to celebrate the MOO collaboration with Eleni Creative - a rather lovely felt doll maker who turns the MOO employees into beautiful dolls once they reach 2 years of employment. This is Phil Thomas – Senior Product Designer, fan of dinosaurs
Phil had no problem choosing what his portrait doll should wear. “It had to be a dinosaur, as I had just started my own Dinosaur T-Shirt business (because I love dinosaurs),” he explained. “It’s called TEE-REX.”
Little Phil lives at home – he doesn’t get chance to come into the office that often. “It sounds a little self obsessive but my doll sits on my mantle piece inside a glass bell jar, to protect it,” Phil added.
Little Phil couldn’t be reached for comment.