• Chloe Esslemont

TabloidArtHistory is a social media platform which ran from 2016-2019. TAH juxtopses the unlikely similarities to be found between art and pop culture. TAH was created on Twitter in 2016 by Chloe Esslemont and Elise Bell, and then extended on to Instagram in January 2018. During TabloidArtHistory's existence, I was the primary content creator across its social media channels. TabloidArtHistory has gathered over 87K cross-platform followers since its inception. TAH has received international press coverage from publications such as Vogue, Paper Magazine, Dazed, The Guardian, It’s Nice That, Vanity Fair, Nylon, Tatler, W Magazine, i-D, and The Times. TabloidArtHistory also produced two zines, both of which premeried on Dazed Digital.