Brenda Fassie was born during Apartheid in South Africa, a time where being black could have been categorized as taboo, never mind being a woman. Despite this, Fassie still made a big impact on several South Africans, especially those of colour. She was described as The Black Madonna or a Pan-African griot, she was the original Queen B. She thrived despite the harsh conditions South Africa was facing. "She's crazy," they said. Some even called her ugly. She was heavily criticized; but the barbs made her sing harder, hushing the attackers with her insouciant voice. The men spoke of how she nonchalantly disregarded the rules of what was expected of her and womankind. "She would come in, drinking black label and not even from the glass" says one man. There wasn't always light though. There were the dark areas of silence, where life happens. Life ended for her 13 years ago on May the 9th, at age 39, from what they're saying is a cocaine overdose. The media created are visual representations not only of Brenda Fassie, but of beauty and empowerment. Black female power. The women represented in the campaign are modern day depictions of the type of woman Fassie was. Many things that were considered to be inappropriate during Fassie's time, is not all that different from today. Her power, her words, her voice, her attire, her actions and attitude are still very relevant. You'll find an almost disturbing glitch in the video, in fact, several glitches. A glitch is a sudden malfunction or irregularity. The glitch was used as a means to visually represent Fassie's troubles and hardships. The glitch represents the impact that society had on her, they way they tried to bring her down. It’s a disturbance. It’s almost painful. It’s something several people have to go through. This campaign is intended to promote one of Fassie's most famous albums and honour her.

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