Telixia Inico

  • Adil Oliver Sharif
  • Matt Dodgson
  • Matt Dodgson
  • harpenden rost
  • Esther Sacristán Benito
  • Santa Mutanuka
  • Karam Moore
  • Charlie McQuade
  • Arlind Xhoni
  • Ian Fraher
  • Grant Knight
  • Jonny Pomf

I'm working with this talented individual creating a series of films, photos and behind the scenes footage of the development of her narrative with other organisations. This particular photo was artwork for Apple. I created an advert for the 8th March 2019 where she was giving a talk, performance and workshop on International Womens Day. Telixia Inico is a spoken word poet, author, entrepreneur and activist. She's created several projects aimed at hard-to-reach young people and has advised leading charities. She also performs as an artist in her own right.