Text Chemistry Texts Examples (Created By Amy North)

Text Chemistry PDF Texts Examples Cheat Sheet by Amy North

A short while ago, my dating life seemed non-existent. It was a terrible phase. The guys that were showing interest weren’t exciting enough and the guy I had a crush on didn’t seem to be into me at all. I could have let things be and regret it years down the line or take control. I chose the latter. After looking for answers on almost all kinds of dating websites, forums, social media, and whatnot, my days of search bore fruit. Specifically, you can know how to capture your soon-to-be lover’s attention, develop the “chemistry” with him through emotional and powerful words, and make him obsessed and passionate about you. Text Chemistry, by best-selling author and relationship coach Amy North, teaches women how to keep men interested in them via text messages. A text message has become extremely common for men and women to communicate with each other when flirting. But if you fail to manage how you texting with your partner, it could seriously damage your relationship. One of the beautiful thing about text messages is that they can be highly private and intimate. As a medium, you can practically say anything you want. We agree that texting is an ideal way to boost emotion and intimacy in a relationship. Overall, this course’s objective is to help you add spice in your love life and get that romance scale to go up more than just a notch!

Text Chemistry is founded on the initial research that Amy North conducted while studying psychology at university, which she then refined through her experience as a dating coach observing how couples communicated through texting. The curriculum does cover a lot of male psychology and how to use it to your advantage. The Zeigarnik Effect states that when things are left unresolved, the human mind is more likely to remember/think about it, this course will focus on how to use cliffhangers, incomplete information, and curiosity to capture someone’s attention. It works well in bringing singles and married people together and everyone else with a better communication mechanism. The online course Text Chemistry makes use of the concept of a “magic text.” Men become psychologically triggered by these texts, which makes them text back and carry on the discussion compulsively. You’ll discover well crafted text messages throughout the guide.For this training to be effective for you, there are a few critical requirements. Getting your preferred man’s undivided attention is the aim. You do this through psychological triggers, or what North refers to as “Attention Hooks.”This Attention Hook grabs the man’s attention and has him thinking about you. What I liked most was how practical it is. Amy doesn’t waste time reflecting on the modern dating world and the hardships it presents. We all know the game here. Instead, she dives in and starts offering up strategies to help you deal with any text message situation that comes your way. She addresses it from every angle, going through the dos and don’ts of text messages, exactly what you should be texting at each stage of your relationship and how to respond in almost any scenario. You are immediately thrown into a flurry of practical solutions that you can put into action straight away.

Amy is an expert in male psychology and the text messages she reveals demonstrate this. I feel that Amy North has a great understanding of how men work, and she essentially wants to give women the right tools to tackle dating confidently. Given that we are all spending more time at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, texting is more crucial than ever. If you want to improve your texting skills, I believe Text Chemistry will be able to help you do so. Women who want to spark attraction with a guy they’ve recently met and be in a relationship with him It’s also a good fit for those who already have a partner but want to make sure their texting adds value and desirability to a relationship. In conclusion, if you're looking for a comprehensive guide to help you improve your texting skills and form meaningful connections with men, Text Chemistry is definitely worth considering. Women who have used the program have reported feeling more confident and in control when it comes to their dating lives. While it may not be a magic solution to all your dating woes, it can certainly help you to take control of your dating life and achieve the results you desire. Let’s find out!

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