The Ambiguous Identity

  • Joeley Sutton
  • Phoebe Carnall-Ruppel

This project is an alternative piece of work to accompany and compliment my final collection and portfolio work, the aim was to create a visual stimulation of work where the concept could be shown through visuals and complex written pieces. For me the message is about identity and how to embrace one’s full androgynous self using the power of music and fashion. I truly believe the future of fashion is gender fluid. For me what is most beautiful of one gender characteristic is of another’s characteristic, it’s the ambiguity of exploring masculine and feminine features as one through one’s own identity that is beautiful. My aim was to explore the idea of the truly androgynous performer on stage. The beginning of the magazine started off as extended research into the ambiguous identity through the performer on stage which is the concept behind my collection, this developed onto current identities in my own life through quarantine. I combined the original idea of capturing my collection with documentation of lockdown life.