The Block Report

  • Musa Sillah

Following the concept of a classic report show model, the current title of the show is “The Block Report”. The aim of the music report show is to deliver factual news in the music scene such as UK urban songs in the charts, latest gossip, upcoming collaborations, new mixtapes and projects en route and my top 10 hot picks of the week. As well as delivering authentic news, to add charisma and entertainment to the show, I include a hot take, which is more opinionated. All of these concepts are packaged into three segments of the show; * FlashySillah’s Hot Topics of the Week. This section delivers the more factual, non-opinionated based news which consists of; the current social media gossip in the UK scene, new (and potential) hit singles, project release dates as well as reporting label deals, independent business ventures from artists and milestones reached. * FlashySillah’s Hot Take of the Week. This section of the show delivers a more opinionated bias from the viewpoint of FlashySillah. The main aim of this segment is for the “Hot Take” to act as a catalyst for conversation on social media, to then eventually drive more traffic towards the show. * FlashySillah’s Hot Picks of the Week. To round off an episode, 10 songs released within that week are showcased in a chart show format, counting down from 10-1. This also involves plugging at least one underground song in each episode.