The Forward Institute - Brand Style Guide & Iconography

  • Catalina Larkins

The Forward Institute Building a movement for responsible leadership "We're a non-profit Institute focused on organisation and systems change. We work with powerful leaders and companies that are serious about becoming beacons of purpose and responsibility. Together we're building a better society." _ I was approached by The Forward Institute to update and expand on their existing brand guidelines. This involved freshening up their logo and refining their colour palette, graphic assets, fonts and typography. I created a Brand Book which would guide their team on how to use their branding and assets more effectively and help streamline their visual communication across multiple platforms. I wanted to empower the team to create beautiful and consistent visual assets by designing a series of templates in Word and PowerPoint that any team member could easily work with. As part of the Brand Book I created a series of icons for their principles and practices. - 2020 Copywriter/Communications Director - Camilla Upson All photography is property of The Forward Institute