The Invasion

  • Phoebe Watts
  • Charlotte Khushi

Our Jaw Dropping New Discovery

Scientist claims he’s found a new invasive species and there’s billions of them.
Explore our latest discovery through the online exhibit, The Invasion. Through our chosen channel, The Natural History Museum.

2020 brought on new and difficult challenges however as we caught less flights and spent more time watching the world from our windows and screens, we began to see the positive impact of Covid-19 on the environment. Beach closures led to a 39 percent increase in nesting sites for loggerhead turtles whilst wild bees benefitted from lower air pollution. Yet, despite this, a new invasive species has been multiplying, scheming and venturing into every natural habitat.

This project was created as part of my internship at Mullenlowe
The Exhibit
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Copywriting: Tommy Curran-Jones
Visual Communication: Phoebe Watts


Charlotte Khushi
Lucy Hatton
James Clee