The launch of The Talent Hack blog - Link in Bio

  • Ross Taylor
Welcome to The Talent Hack.
Thanks for visiting. 
We have over 25 years combined experience in recruitment. This includes most recently 7 years Founding and running our own talent consultancy. During this time, it's fair to say we've learnt a thing or two. Lessons on life. Lessons on business and recruitment. And it's the latter of these we'll be sharing in this series.
There'll be views on the market, leadership, attitudes to talent and outdated processes and opinions that need to change. Now's the perfect time for us to do this as we take a period of 'time out' and reflection before starting our next major project.
As we both started writing everything we knew about recruitment, to help our clarity of thought, we decided 'The Talent Hack' would be the perfect outlet for our humble opinions. And it might be beneficial to others too.
So here it is.
Our blog.
In our hyper connected world all industries have to change and adapt. But recruitment's been slow off the mark. It may still be in the blocks. But we've been privileged to provide talent solutions to some of the world's leading creative organisations for the last 10 years. These companies are at the forefront of innovation and technology. They've exposed us to new business practices, communication experiences and market evolution. 
There seems to be one rule that stands out for any business in any industry...  
If you don't iterate and evolve with process and product, you go backwards. 
This isn't without challenges. Constant change brings strain on culture. And many beliefs and attitudes around topics like diversity and inclusion haven't moved on anywhere near as much as they should have. 
But without great talent, we all fail. 
It's time for recruitment to wake up. To evolve. To catch up and keep pace with the world we live in.
Our pledge with The Talent Hack is to cut through serious, flippant and observational topics to challenge opinions and create some value for you. Our readers.
We hope you subscribe and welcome any feedback, discussion topics or questions.
Ross and Richard