The Merchant's Table

Brand Identity & Realisation The Merchant’s Table is the concept of Susanna Cook, Creative Director and Founder of Allies Design Studio. Working within food and drink, we have always been fascinated by the table and what it represents to different people. For us, it is a place to share; creativity, experiences, knowledge and food. The Merchant’s Table has given us the opportunity to bring exceptional makers, artists and producers together in one place - a gallery shop where workshops and supper events are held throughout the year, in which makers and producers share their craft. The name is a direct link to the origins of the building, which was originally a merchant’s house in the 18th Century. The mark we have created is reflective of the idea people will be coming together and sharing at this merchant’s table; it is inclusive and welcoming. To mark the London and Suffolk roots we designed a range of tea towels which honour words lost from either vernacular. The initial release are words which relate to food and drink.