The Modest Consumer

  • Florentina Sadiku

Secondary and primary research were undertaken to better understand the demands of Muslim women consumers. The study examined Generation Z's requirements in order to understand their thoughts on fashion brands and the types of apparel products Gen Z desires. Various competitors, such as Modestwist, ASOS, and nu-in, were examined in this research in order to better understand the different techniques now employed by modest brands, sustainable brands, and big brands that also provide modest clothing lines. The research process also included several elements of modesty and the present problems that Muslim women have with modest fashion; what was investigated was the history of modesty, diverse cultures, and the various styles of head/facial coverings. Another important factor examined was garment sizing, in order to have the outfit fit modestly, as a better sizing strategy is now a market trend in the e-commerce sector. The primary research initially focused on the development of clothing for modest wear that was stylish yet breathable for the summer season. Following the research process, the brand and apparel line development phase began. Using the findings of the research, Arezo was formed, with a visual identity designed to target the Gen Z consumer that is the current gap in the market, as modest brands only target millennials, and a clothing line suitable for modestly dressed women who love modern styles. Arezo is an honest brand that allows consumers to see accurate representations of the apparel sold online, and as the clothing and brand developed, the following procedures will need to be implemented to lay a solid basis for the business idea.