The Other's Other: Migrations and Identity in Europe

  • Xiaolu Guo
I am delivering lectures in Spain (Barcelona and Ovideo) and Germany (Berlin and Munich) about the European crisis from an immigrant and an artist’s point of view, leading debate within universities and cultural organizations.
How does identity’s hall of mirrors work in a Europe that, once again, is building and fortifying walls? Who are our “others” today? Is it possible to find and articulate a common language? The Chinese-British writer and filmmaker Xiaolu Guo reflects on what it means to be “the other’s other”.

For a Chinese immigrant who has settled in Europe, Europe is the other. But she is too 'the other' for the Europeans and for the west. For the last decade, Xiaolu Guo has lived in Germany, France, Switzerland and now Britain as a writer and filmmaker. She says she feels she is a European Chinese - before and after Brexit happened. It seems that the identity of an artist doesn’t go well with the identity of an immigrant. Gou tries to find a common language to tell her stories to others, in Europe and in this world.

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