The Power of Works

  • Harry Atcherley-Symes
  • David Andrews
  • Ruth Aymer

Soho Works members Dave Andrews and Ruth Aymer have collaborated on the latest collection for her handcrafted luxury jewellery brand, Aymer Maria. When Aymer reached out to the Soho Works community for support with product shots, Andrews – a still life photographer who specialises in creative retouching – was the perfect man for the job. Utilising her network through the Soho Works app, Ruth was able to directly contact Dave and take a look at his work. The pair decided to proceed and collaborate together to produce some beautiful shots for Aymer Maria’s latest collection. The ease of interaction meant that a faster process ensued from initial sign off to completed product launch. A truly great example of the power of Soho Works and how two creative individuals in their fields can collaborate to produce amazing results and create a long-lasting relationship. Click below to connect with both Dave and Ruth - and keep an eye on future projects from the pair.