The Record Player with Type 2 Diabetes

  • Carrie O'Lone
Working with Olly and the team at CDM London is always a pleasure. This project is one of my favourites; 3 animations, 3 very different personalities! You can see the other videos over on Finger Industries profile if you'd like.
From initial concept and brief to character animation and campaign execution- the standard has been fantastic throughout. Which is why CDM picked up best in Craft at the 2016 PM awards and three Cannes Lion Bronze awards for each of the animations produced.
Brilliant concept and I hope you like the animations the team at Finger Industries created as much as I do!
The brief was to create a series of animation shorts for a new diabetes management meter and app. The Change is good- smart diabetes revolution campaign sees patients describing how diabetes/glucose management used to be, to act as a pre-launch teaser to the launch of a new glucose management system.  The videos formed part of an email campaign and the characters featured on posters too.
Characterisation and expression played a big part even in the early design stages with this project. Personality was key, making sure each object had plenty of it! We were able to use the scripts and VO to help draw out characterisation and idiosyncrasies, both in the design and animation stages. Check out the early colour artwork- love this!
The creative brief had a range of chosen objects to be personified and it was agreed on that the VHS, record player and instant camera would best represent technologies of old.
Thanks again to CDM London for working with us.