The Regeneration Suite

An immersive hotel experience that restores and invigorates mind, body and soul.


While portering luggage at The Savoy Hotel, a young Guccio Gucci was inspired by the style of the guests and saw the opportunity to create luxury leather goods. This was the birth of Gucci.

A hundred years on, Gucci returns to where it all began. To commemorate their rich intertwined history, the House and the hotel created an unforgettable experience for Gucci’s VIP clients.
“Gucci’s long history can’t be contained within a single inaugural act. As with any other existence, its destiny is marked by a long series of endless births and constant regenerations.”
Alessandro Michele, Gucci Creative Director 2015-2022


Six interactive installations turn The Royal Suite into a multi-dimensional experience for Gucci guests.

Return to nature.

On arrival, a butler serves a personalised tea ceremony with a selection of teas curated for their nourishing qualities. As the tea infuses, one of Gucci’s iconic prints grows across the table. The projection comes to life, creating a transportation from central London into nature.

A century of rebirths.

Guests unwind with GucciTV, an on-demand TV channel featuring every regeneration of Gucci’s 100-year history.

The secret Gucciverse.

Hidden in the dressing room wardrobe, this Narina moment reveals an immersive video homage to a literature classic and the magic of Gucci.

Ring the Gucci-Line.

The connected vintage reception bell rings through to the Gucci-Line. A Gucci Client Advisor can assist with directly purchasing any of the curated items in the suite, to be shipped and waiting for guests when they arrive home.

Relax and restore.

At the end of the day, guests can soak in one of three custom restorative bath packages. The evening finishes with a bespoke meditation and sound journey. Philips Hue lights sync with the meditation visuals to assist the restoration of mind, body and soul.


An acclamation to vitality and vision.

The Regeneration Suite ran for 12 months. Guests included Gucci VIP customers, as well as The Savoy’s clientele. The Gucci-Line provided an innovative way for the customer service team to engage with guests and create more meaningful sales. Overall, the experience created a deeper appreciation of Gucci’s history, with an invitation to be part of the next chapter.

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