The Response to the War. Part two.

  • Eugene Prykhodkin
  • Andreas Reusser

These are additional works related to Russian aggression against Ukraine. For me, this is a kind of period in my personal work. I would call it the Putin period in its dark incarnation..full of reflection and analysis, hope and faith, attempts to voice the thoughts of my nation.

There was a regime. Probably one of the most cherished phrases that now it would be nice to read on the walls in entrances or alleys: there was a regime here and now there will be no more. Just a little more time and it will really be gone, like all previous regimes and empires.
Where next, helmsman?

At one time, when Christ interpreted one of his proverbs to his disciples, he recalled the words of God to the prophet Isaiah about a people who are in darkness. People who have eyes and can't see, have ears and can hardly hear anymore. And they cannot understand what God is saying, because otherwise they would have turned to him and he would have cured them.

A similar image appeared in the light of recent reflections and prayers. A person who has a firm neck that does not bend in any way and does not plan to bow before God. The further you go in your stubbornness, the less likely you are to swerve on the right path. A leader who leads with his eyes tightly closed because he doesn't see the truth. A instigator who creates his own narratives and in which he believes, and which he also fears. His hands are too "long" to worry about his "pets" at first, because he constantly launches them into someone else's yard, and his own remains "not cleaned".

  • God will ask for innocent blood.
  • Anyone who moves the boundaries of his neighbour will be cursed.
  • Anyone who goes to their neighbour with a weapon will die from it.

Power is given to every ruler from above in order to do justice and keep an account of the conscientious performance of duties. And this government is not a reason to rewrite history and build a "bright future" without Someone Who has already written this history for a long time. The priests there should cry out to God not for victory of their country, but for the true conversion of the ”astray”, so that the blind man does not lead the blind in the future..

Sadly, this story is very similar to another one, where the Egyptian ruler of a powerful state, because of his unshakable cruelty of heart, did not want to let go of a foreign people, while punishment after punishment beat his own people and devastated their land. He went to the last, losing everything, even his own life. Is it worth it?

And one question remains - Where next, helmsman?
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