THROUGH THE EYES, with Vivek Vadoliya

  • Jet Braas
  • Ross Ferguson
  • Isabel van Zeller
  • Vivek Vadoliya

Through the Eyes is a new creative series inviting visual artists to explore Ace & Tate's editorial themes. The idea is pretty simple — we’d like to inspire you to think twice about conventional topics when seeing them through the lens of a photographer or filmmaker we vouch for.

Vivek Vaoliya responds to the open brief on 'Optimism', by exploring his aspirations for the continued celebration of diverse and unique beauty standards.

Read more about the Through The Eyes project, on the Ace & Tate Journal.

Creative Direction & Photography: Vivek Vadoliya
Words: Simran Randhawa
Commission: Ace & Tate
If you asked me at 7 years old what beauty was, I probably would have either drawn you a picture of a rose, or pointed you to the Bollywood starlets I saw on screen. Beauty existed more as an adjective - a way to describe something that was inherently feminine.
At 17, beauty became more of a concept, lifestyle, and way of living I had moulded into. It meant constantly referring back to my internal catalogue to reference ideals and measuring aspects of myself against it. Even existing in my cross-cultural context I knew there were certain boxes I would never fit in, no matter how hard I tried.
Seeing optimism is seeing hope. Showing contentment, in a world that is anything but, is how we really shift the lens.
Now, I try to understand beauty as something that’s woven into the everyday moments in my life, and less as an ever changing standard to be applied to life. As our ideas of beauty become forward facing, it’s going to be optimism that gives us a chance to exist steeped in shared knowledge and appreciation.
This campaign invites us to take a closer look at our own bodies - our arms, backs, rolls - and see the beauty in the seemingly mundane.

Below: Photographer, Vivek Vadoliya (@vivekvad)

Read more about the Through The Eyes project, on the Ace & Tate Journal.