TOAST X Wool Week 2019

To celebrate Wool Week 2019, TOAST commissioned a large-scale, textile installation, made entirely from Irish-spun wool. Warmly toned and deeply textural, the wool used for the installation was spun and dyed in Donegal. TOAST have been working closely with the spinners of the wool to craft dense, rich shades, and the same yarns can be found in the sweaters their Autumn/Winter 19 Collection. Many of the spinners and dyers who create the yarns have been practising their craft for over 40 years. They are proud of the iconic Donegal fleck. The installation was created collaboratively by artists Daisy Gray and Mila Harris-Mussi. In a rhythmical movement, the artists revealed the versatility of wool, through manipulating and constructing the fibres into shapes and abstract forms. Photography by Aloha Bonser-Shaw