Tomasa del Real for EQUAL by Spotify

  • Catarina Ramalho

I would like to thank @spotify for featuring Tomasa del Real as one of the artists of the Equal initiative. Billboard-featured, Tomasa del Real founded NEOPERREO as an internet subculture of Perreo music. It represents a new era of internet-inhabiting, cyber-goth club kids that fuse the sonic and aesthetics of trap, cumbia, hyper-pop, and bachata with electronic, techno, and industrial club music. Known around the world as the Queen of NEOPERREO, Tomasa started her career as a tattoo artist, taking a stance a producing her sound that reflected her own life experiences in 2015. NEOPERREO is about taking control, having agency over your own body, and being genuine. More than just a genre, NEOPERREO is a movement. Named #1 Chilean Indie Artist in February 2021, Tomasa expanded her global legacy by collaborating with artists such as Pablo Vittar, DJ Blass, Ms. Nina, Aidan Cruz, and Kaydy Can. Tomasa and NEOPERREO developed a loyal following in countries like the US, UK, Spain, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Columbia, France, and Germany. Previous performances include critically acclaimed festivals such as Coachella, Lollapalooza, MoMa Warm-Up, EDC, and many more.