Tommy Sissons - One Time

  • Amber Bancroft
I filmed and edited a music video for Tommy Sissons, a young poet who has begun performing his poems with music.
The entire video was completely unplanned as Tommy wanted it filmed during a month I was working full-time at Revamp Fancy Dress due to Halloween but I was determined to create this video for him. We were unable to meet for planning as we did not have time due to his required deadline for the video so we got straight to filming on weekends.
We met up at his desired locations and I filmed what he wanted featured in the video and what I thought would be visually suitable for his style. I filmed at weekends whenever I was available and devoted a full three days to editing when I had a few days off working at Revamp. I sent two drafts which finalised into the final cut linked below.


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    Amber Bancroft: Videography