Trainline mobile apps

  • Rob Cleaton
  • David Slocombe
  • Olivia Violet riddick
  • Liam Hughes

To be the Customer Champion

I joined the Trainline mobile team at the start of 2015, when they already had apps in both the iOS App Store and the Play Store, but lacked customer satisfaction with an average rating of 2 stars.

What we see at the station...

One of the biggest parts of confusion we observed for commuters was the disconnect from what they saw on the platform to what they could find in the app.

...can often be hard to make sense of

Train stations display a lot of information and when you know what you're looking for, it can work ok. But when you need a stop that's on a unfamiliar route you're almost forced to ask a station guard or loose valuable time making sense of it, making us consider how do we bring this knowledge to our users.

Regular user testing and team playbacks where key

A big part of what I enjoyed with the Trianline was the recognition in valuing regular user testing and gathering as many real world users experiences as possible.
We would strive to test in as real scenerios as possible, this meant anything from the existing app to see what parts caused any friction to flat designed Marvel prototypes for new concepts to working code prototypes.
All findings and customer experiences where relayed to whole the team to support rational going forward.

Setting the design System

Getting a solid design system in place that was sensitive to iOS and Android patterns but also carried the brand identity was key for multiple designers working together.
This was a constant work in progress and freed up all of the design team, UX and UI to work across the platform building prototypes that were visually consistent.

Working in the gaps

From regularly engaging with users we would hear experiences that wouldn't be on our product radar but super interesting to prusue.
One of those was helping people with disabilities use train travel, a key flow below.

One app for all (iOS)

With the introduction of Apple supporting Adaptive user interfaces, we launched the same app for iPhone and iPad.

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