• Julius Bangert

Tri is my first independent game release from Jubjub Studios, an addictive brain training puzzler for iOS and Android. It has proven to be very popular and has been well received with high volume downloads and positive customer comments. I began making Tri as a test while learning to use Corona SDK and decided to continue right through to the finished product. I learned a lot about what is involved in game and app development through this, these are some of my milestones and achievements : • Coding the whole application alone from start to finish using Corona SDK, building and shipping for Google Play and Apple App Store. • Developing and refining the visual feel and user interface for the game through several different design phases. • Constructing the game mechanic and scoring system to offer a challenging gaming experience while remaining accessible for beginners. • Optimising texture assets using sprite sheets and paying close attention to memory usage and performance alongside ongoing thorough bug testing. • Handling translations into 23 languages, building a bespoke web interface to collect translations from freelancers. • Adapting the app’s screen layout to work well in portrait and landscape orientations on all possible screen sizes for mobiles and tablets, both Android and iOS. • Handcrafting a typeface based on an open source font using a glyph editor. • Building the Tri website for marketing and promotion purposes, setting up and maintaining a social media presence and contacting press and reviewers.