• Ella Woollgar
  • Gray Brame
  • Sophia Alonge

Tribe: “A group of people, often of related families, who live together, sharing the same language, culture, and history… or a large family or other group that someone belongs to.” The Cambridge Dictionary. A photo series that explores and celebrates British subculture tribes formed by music. Blurring the lines between documentary and fashion. This series aims to recreate our subjects style and attitude that they adorned during the prime decade of their tribe. Credits: Creative Directors: Gray Brame & Ella Woollgar Producer: Ella Woollgar Photographer: Gray Brame Stylist: Sophia Alonge Hair Stylist: Mike Mahoney Hair Assistant: Elijah Hourrides MUA: Lucy Bowler MUA: Amié Turnbull Cast: Rude Boy: Renford Warmington Punk: Malcolm Rees New Romantic: Eliza Skelton Acid House/ Jungle: Anthony Francis & Emma Welford