Understanding the madness within

  • Daniel van Dalen

How well do you understand your madness within? For my final project for my BA Graphic Communications course at the University of Northampton titled: “Understanding the madness within, a 100 years of Jungian psychology”. I delved into the work of one of the most influential psychologist of the 20th century Carl Gustav Jung to answer this question and gain a deeper understanding of the human psyche. Based on Jung’s work I created a publications as a 100 years’ worth of contribution that Jung had in our understanding humankind. This publications contains 12 mini-publications each focused on a specific theory by Jung to understand our madness within. Each mini-publication cover starts off with a poetic introduction to the specific theory. When opening the mini-publication there are two artworks which visualises the theory. Lastly each publication ends by an editorial piece about the theory. This piece was also displayed at the New Designers exhibition in London with over 2500 other exhibitors.