UNIQA’s Youth Package

Our latest 2D animation has just been launched on UNIQA’s website. UNIQA is central and eastern Europe’s biggest insurance provider and our first German speaking corporate client.

The hand drawn animation illustrates in a simple, effective and subtly fun way an online insurance package tailored for 15-27 year olds, called ‘Fun and Clever Jugendpaket’ (=youth package).

UNIQA’s brief for us were some scribbles illustrating a squashy stickman cycling, hiking, driving and at home together with the inserts of their offerings. So we built up some simple scenarios of what could happen in relation to their products without ever actually showing an accident (except for minor ones ). Style wise we had to keep it as simple as possible, with only a hint of colour throughout – the hand drawn touch however still lets the piece stand out giving it this warm and personal feel. The turn around time from scribble to screen was 3 weeks.