Universal Creations - “We Make, Create, and Innovate”

  • Kit Nicholson
  • Nick Kyriakides
  • Charles Mori

Universal Creations bring into existence props, models, and replicas for the big screen. Their work is well-known within the James Bond, Star Wars, and Marvel universes, among many others. They are noted for their pioneering approach, fusing innovation with expert techniques. Kit interviewed the founding couple; developing this brand video, to accompany over a dozen more short-form pieces. CREDITS: Producer: Ravi Ajit Chopra Director: Kit Nicholson Featuring: Adriaan Engelbrecht & Nicola Parke Cinematographer: Charles Harrison Mori Production Assistant: Oliver Hunt Music: A.J.E. Palmer Animator: Nick Kyri Editors: Kit Nicholson & Charles Harrison Mori