University Major Project- Mental health poster campaign "What's on your mind?"

  • Saffron Harrison-Abbas

I designed and created these typographic-based, animated posters aimed at young people. They were made with the idea to encourage young people to talk to someone about their mental health as many young people find the idea of speaking about how they are feeling daunting. The posters include a hashtag 'whatsonyourmind?' which can be searched and link the individual seeking help to the 'Mind' charity's resource page which includes information about the next steps to take, counselling and phone numbers to talk to someone. When researching I found out the 4 most common mental health disorders amongst young people and based the set of posters around those. I then animated the type on the posters to convey that particular mental health disorder either by how it makes someone feel or by a symptom of it. These are the finished results.