University of Central Lancashire, BA (Hons) Creative Advertising

  • Ran Duan
  • Sophie Gwilt
  • Annabel Dowd
  • Chunbo Wang
  • YuKun Li
  • Emma Pye
  • Todd Fenlon
  • Xuebing Liu
The Creative Advertising course at UCLan recruits students with interests in writing, design and media and brings them together to learn how to make work that changes behaviour and promote products, services and ideas.

Intelligence, investigation and creativity is part of everyday working practice where research driven insights are brought to life through studio craft and technology to create compelling outcomes that change minds.

Using an industry-led model and working with professional agency partners, our award-winning course is all about training the next generation of copywriters and art directors to solve the problems we don’t yet know exist.
Connect4Climate – Mission Green. Ran Duan & Yukun Li
British Heart Foundation – A Workout for the Hearts. Ran Duan & Yukun Li
Giff Gaff – Spectrum. Annabel Dowd & Sophie Gwilt.
Vimto – Grab a Proper Drink. Annabel Dowd & Sophie Gwilt.
iRobot – Roomba. Chunbo Wang & Hengbo Zhu.
Durex – The Blue Badge Show. Chunbo Wang & Chang Guo.
Invisibobble – If You Can Do It, Your Hair Can Too. Ran Duan & Wanhong Chen.
Lego – Lego By Nature. Xuebing Liu & Meiling Yu.
Audible – Make Boring Better. Emma Pye.
RyanAir – Complaints (radio). Todd Fenlon & Emma Pye.