University of Northampton

  • Daisy Stimpson
  • Ben Kite

Universities all seem to tell the same story. Odd, really. Who doesn’t want to be the best they can be? It all feels conspicuously out of step with how today’s students think and feel. This is a generation no longer stifled by traditional structures or outdated ways of doing things. Yet most universities don’t seem to have got the memo. So to break the cycle of sameness, we showed how UoN understood that students who seek a unique path in life shouldn’t have to walk in the footsteps of others. Our brand platform celebrated this shared attitude between student and university. Positioning UoN as a place that sees convention as the enemy of progress. And knows that change doesn’t come from following the crowd. I have been lead designer on this project for a number of years, seeing the project through from its beginning. This includes the production and design of items such as the prospectus, digital advertising, billboards and animated 6 sheets, paid social media promotion and other print based communications.