University Projects

These are some of the projects I completed whilst in my final year at Southampton Solent University.

Call of Duty goes back in time for newest instalment – On The Scene
Activision have joined with Sledgehammer Games to release the newest instalment of Call of Duty.
This year, the hit first person shooter is based on World War Two, the first game to do so since World At War back in 2008.
Since the success of the Modern Warfare franchise, gamers had been keen to go back in time as Call of Duty had primarily focused on futuristic looking games.
Now, as a player you will follow the 1st Infantry Division as part of the Allied Forces as they battle on the Western Front.
The game really is a throwback to Call of Duty’s not seen in this decade.
Health packs revive players instead of the automatic regeneration system and the ‘dolphin diving’ has been reintroduced into the game (if you know, you know).
Online has expanded also; with create a class getting an overhaul and end of round killcams being scrapped in favour of ‘bronze star’ awards.
Nazi Zombies makes it eagerly awaited return, with very little changing from the original versions, which hooked players on World at War and Black Ops.
Similar to the latest editions of Call of Duty, updates and additional maps will roll out throughout the year meaning the final price of World War Two could reach over £100.
Oktoberfest to bring a German feel to Southampton – On The Scene
A German tradition, Oktoberfest is now branching outside of its Bavarian walls and touring the rest of the world.
Get your finest Lederhosen out, blow the dust off and be ready for four days of German shenanigans, which includes competitions such as Man vs Food, Mr & Mrs Oktoberfest and Stein Hoisting.
In todays British society, there isn’t too many opportunities to drink out of a Stein so when Oktoberfest rolls around; the party starts.
Located in Southampton’s Guildhall Square, a large pop up marquee hosts the event.
Stein’s are two pint glasses filled with traditional German beer, sacred the residents of Germany.
But if litres of beer aren’t your thing, Oktoberfest will also serve wines, spirits and prosecco.
The event dubbed as a ‘true Bavarian spectacle’ is expected to play host to over 10,000 guests, all of which are expected to be dancing along to the live ‘Oompah’ bands.
It runs from Thursday through to Sunday, with two sessions on Saturday to optimise beer-drinking time.
Oktoberfest is a traditional two-week festival, which originated in Munich.
This year’s festival has thrown up some security concerns after terror attacks at past Munich festivals.
Southampton City Council have installed concrete bollards around Guildhall to protect the site from potential car or truck attacks, similar to events in London earlier this year.
Hopefully this doesn’t stop us Brits from enjoying a German themed hoedown!
Football Manager 2018 Beta hypes release of full game – On The Scene


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