Unknown Quantities 8

  • Liza Kupreeva

Unknown Quantities is an annual publication curated, designed and edited each year by a new group of students from MA Culture, Criticism and Curation and MA Graphic Communication Design. UQ is a creative experiment that explores non-hierarchical relationships between design and intellectually driven approaches to publication. The content is a productive crossover between art, design, cultural criticism and politics. The eighth issue was created within the context of the Covid-19 pandemic and considers its socio-political implications. The theme ‘RE’ anticipates an outlook into the future and is rooted in examining and questioning the past. The issue breaks down into three sections – Re-think, Re-act and Re-start. These sections form a critical process to rethink our approach, react accordingly and restart from the beginning, turning moments of weakness into future strengths. This issue of UQ brings together a diverse collection of voices from established practitioners of today to emerging talent of the future, as they explore what it is to confront our current reality and adapt towards the days ahead. UQ8 offers a glimpse into what others are thinking, how they are acting and what changes they are looking forward to in these times.