Unknown T Is Well And Truly Back

  • Dean George
  • Danika Magdelena
  • Seun Areoye

Only a few tracks into what is destined to be an illustrious career, Homerton’s talisman is ready to come back again with his latest installation, entitled ‘Squeeze & Buss’ which is set for release on the 1st of May. With his debut single ‘Homerton B’ being the national anthem at the back end of 2018 and all the way through 2019, Unknown T had the clubs going all the way up, with reloads becoming symbiotic with the playing of his hit single. Exceeding 20 million views on Youtube, ‘bend your back and then dig it’ is a phrase etched in history, Unknown T, although prematurely into his career, has already left an unforgettable impact on the scene. Full read is over on the Gauchoworld website




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