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Your front doors are a key indicator as to how your doors look from the streets, but they're also your first line of defense against intruders and unwanted guests. At Window & Door Specialist, we can install a stylish front door that accentuates your home's exterior for a superior curb appeal with advanced security and durability.
From solid timber front doors to our innovative sliding doors, we bring a collection of premium designs with high-quality materials and workmanship to keep your home, family, and pets secure.

We also stock a wide range of bi-folds and porch enclosure solutions so that you can open up your patio or deck for dining or entertainment purposes.

Fiberglass v Wooden Doors: Which One is Better?

Choosing your front door to be fiberglass or wood depends on your needs, budget, and priorities. We have solid timber doors that don't bend or warp from moisture or temperature fluctuations. Thus, our wooden doors are more stable and long-lasting with easy maintenance. It can be re-sanded, trimmed, or painted to match any kind of decor.

Meanwhile, fiberglass is a more economical option, but that doesn't mean you dial down on its protective nature. Window & Door Specialists have the latest in fiberglass technology to protect your interiors against the weather elements. These doors are also moisture-proof, which means no rotting, peeling, or warping. Fiberglass doors can also be painted as per your preferences.

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