Utopia Series 1-2

Kudos Film & TV Channel 4 14.07.14
Picture post production on 6 x 60 min conspiracy thriller for Channel 4, written by Dennis Kelly, directed by Marc Munden and by Sam Donovan.

Following Dennis Kelly’s award winning first series in 2013, the opening episode of series two is set entirely in the 1970’s as viewers are transported back to the where it all began. Aidan Farrell graded series two with the Nucoda Film Master, and used several of the Nucoda’s qualities to impart a specific period guise to episode one.

To create the aura of the 70s a pillar box 4:3 was implemented for Dennis Kelly’s origins episode. Farrell’s inspiration for the style of this first episode came from Irish photographer John Hinde, and his ability to bring out specific colours from otherwise grey and dull backgrounds, which Farrell duly applied to the 70s years and the present day scenes.

In tune with series one, the second episode moves back to the present day where the bold colours seen in the first series return with yet a stronger, more graphic technicolour vibrancy. Farrell used many flares, glares, glints and glows to highlight specific colours within clothing, lighting and set, that has taken series 2 one step further into the unknown.

Owen Hulme completed numerous FX shots and composites as part of the online in DS Nitris.