Valley of Baca, 2022

  • Xiaoling Jin

This work is exhibited in REA! art fair with Artsted, Red-eye world, and Gloriamaria gallery. I feel isolated in an empty and silent pit of despair. I'm walking on the cloud, without feeling the weight of myself, hearing my voice and seeing myself. In the darkness, I open my eyes. I see the storms coming from underground, flowers growing on my burden, the vividness in the valley, and everything seem unreal. I was brought to tears over the mental anguish, that has become part of my daily life. The valley of Baca is a metaphor in the Bible, which means the place of weeping. Weeping may endure for a night, but I will get through it one day. It is a personal project that reflects my feeling toward my current circumstance, my art practice, and my emotion.