Various Branding

  • Jamie Fox
Personal #branding for a plastic #surgeon 'George Varkarakis' combining his initials to create a #monogram with a subtle reference of a scalpel blade.
PS Monogram, personal branding identity for a Harley Street dentist. 'Payman Sobhani'. Subtle references to the shape of teeth, the dental tools used.
Branding for Dantech Electrical, D E monogram with subtle imagery of a plug.
The icon above plays on the ‘Au’ from the brand name, creating a simple modern form. Reflecting two interlinking shapes which create the A U. The interlinking symbolises the integration of different techologies that Autilla can provide for their clients and connectivity between users, exchanges and third parties. 'Au' is also the perodic table symbol for gold, the company buy and sell gold bullion.
RQ Media Group Branding
Branding for a wine merchants Eton Vintners
Start Up Agency London, Centaur Recruitments. Modernist interpretation of the bow and arrow held by the mythological creature.