VORACIOUS Magazine Issue 1

  • Ellie Kime
  • Dominique Marshall
  • Laura Goossens

There’s nothing better than hearing people talk about the stuff they’re passionate about - so I created a magazine full of it. Thanks to a Kickstarter campaign that was fully funded in just 16 hours, Issue 1 of VORACIOUS magazine launched in November 2021. The aim is for it to be a biannual publication, celebrating the people who love loving stuff. Simple, hey? Over 80 pages, it features 25+ contributors across artwork, interviews, articles, recipes, poems and more; all printed on recycled paper, too. Thanks so much to Dominique Marshall for working on the layout and bringing it to life, and Laura Goossens for the incredible cover art collage! https://www.theenthusiast.co/voracious-magazine