Waitrose Barware

  • Cairo Hamilton

Brief To create a new visual aesthetic for the Waitrose hanging shelf barware range. The new identity had to still embody the overarching Waitrose & Partners visual identity but the new aesthetic also had to ensure it incorporated a more premium style which represented some of the new cocktail equipment that was being introduced into the range. Solution The barware range was diverse, it had a lot of different items to support a variety of different drink solutions and I wanted to showcase this. I was inspired by Orla Kiely’s use of symbols and patterns and chose to showcase a variety of different glass and bottle types that the drinks are either bought in or drunk from to highlight the how diverse drink culture is, whether you prefer a glass of wine, a cocktail or pale ale there’s something in the Waitrose barware range for you. My internship ended before I was able to implement my artwork into Waitrose stores.

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