Waterlogic: Evolving the brand image and identity for this global leader in water

When Waterlogic approached rbl they were concerned their brand was compromised by an inconsistent approach. Production of materials was managed at a local level in 16 business units around the world. We provided the tools to communicate at a consistently high quality of output, at a global level with executions that addresses local market needs. Insight Through a brand audit and in-depth global consultation we identified both the areas where the brand was struggling and the key opportunities to add value. Messaging had become overly features-led in a benefits-focused market, and imagery had lost any sense of the customer and end users. Only by addressing these issues could we engage audiences with the unique technology advancements that differentiated Waterlogic. Ideas Working closely with the Waterlogic team we helped them rediscover their true reason for being “the best that water can be, for you, your people, and for the environment.” This was the core thought that would run through everything we would go on to create for them including a new vision, mission, positioning and offer. Ultimately it was expressed in an evolved essence ‘better thinking, better water, better for you, better for the planet.’ Impact We went on to create a brand manifesto, with sustainability at its core, to act as a rallying cry for all regional offices. This was supported by detailed, but usable brand guidelines that allowed their brand to compete on quality with their largest rivals. Now in the middle of a global roll-out the Waterlogic team feel empowered to take their brand and communications to the next level.

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