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Our brief was to come up with new original concepts that would feature on the channel 4 blaps for the BBC that would be able to be accessed as webseries online. Within the Media School, all students had to collaborate within this project which was then finalised with a presentation in front of the BBC clients followed by our lecturers and 300 students.
This is a project consisted of students from different media fields having 
- 3 Digital Media Designers Students - Website
- 3 TV Production Students - Video and Pre-Production
- 2 Radio Students - Audio
- 2 Scriptwriter Students - Storyboard
- 4 Art University Bournemouth Students - Actors
Collaborating towards my end of year project.

Below is a video of the 1st Episode of Recovery Road:
Our idea consisted of having a webseries of something original but yet had some elements of comedy that could relate to people in the real world. Most comedies come with the stereotype of slapstick comedy or funny lines that are said with the characters, however our type of comedy was assessed by the situation in which the characters are in. Each character having there own personality and background explained throughout the show and website.
The main concept of this channel 4 blap was ADDICTION REHAB but for us to make it humorous I came up with the suggestion to my team to have strange addictions that people would never think twice about, therefore we came up with the idea of 5 character with different addictions:
Addiction - Character
1 - The Naive man-child concerning addiction to sweets - Blot Misfire
2 - Neurotic Rebel and Theif - Venom Pipes
3 - Ballroom Dancer living off former glories - Siv Hilda
4 - Counsellor and Leader of the recovery group (later find out addiction to alcohol) - Madeline Kym
Here you will find the layout of the website and how the show has direct code and conventions that helps make the website become unique for its own webseries.
Here is an example of the our website that was created by the Digital Media Design team, showing how the website is responsive and flows from top to bottom with different functionalities to address to our audience.

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Suliman Ahmed

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