Web Design and Development for Artist, Alice Anderson Studio.

  • Noelia Cabezas
Alice and Virginie from Alice Anderson Studio approached us looking for help to improve their current online brand image and performance.


  • Keep current website up until the new site is ready to launch.
  • Maintain current domain & hosting.
  • Keep all the info from the current website.
  • Easy user back-end management
  • Layout: nice, clean and minimal.
  • Maintain current website architecture for navigation.


Alice is a well known artist with ambitious growth, that’s why we began the project with one aim: impact their target audience and market providing users/visitors with a great first impression and easy on-site interaction.


Living Room 128 work in partnership with Alice Anderson Studio team to deliver a feature rich and effective new website. Our design knowledge and experience delivering a positive web design interface and a user friendly navigation have brought best practices and layout to the project. We’ve chosen WordPress CMS for its easy back-end management and powerful system for a business expansion, and even more important we covered Alice needs. Our management skills and collaborative work ethic have allowed us to achieve high standards deliverables.


  • Customised Web architecture.
  • Minimal and modern design.
  • Brand identity – naming design and new typography.
  • Social Media Networks Integration.
  • Responsive layout.
  • Positive and user friendly navigation – speed loading.
  • Server programming and hosting transfer.
  • Back-end Handbook and training provided.
  • Website: alice-aderson.org


Focus on their wide target audience and needs, in 3 weeks time we achieved a completed new site with a modern and minimal layout. We have improved the site loading to 84% and their digital brand experience has had a huge 300% growth.
After the positive impact and very nice experience working together, we are looking forward to collaborating in further marketing initiatives and new projects.